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Morton, Jelly Roll (1885-1941)

Jelly Roll Morton

  • Big Foot Ham (declicked)
  • Billy Goat Stomp (declicked) (BVE-38628)
  • Black Bottom Stomp (declicked) (BVE-36239)
  • Boogaboo (declicked) (BVE-45622)
  • Burnin' The Iceberg (declicked)
  • Cannon Ball Blues (declicked) (BVE-37258)
  • Courthouse Bump (declicked)
  • Dead Man Blues (declicked) (BVE-36284)
  • Deep Creek (declicked) (BVE-48435)
  • Down My Way (declicked)
  • Dr. Jazz (declicked) (BVE-37257)
  • Fat Meats and Greens (E 2868) flac listen
  • Fish Tail Blues (declicked)
  • Grandpa's Spells (declicked) (BVE-37255)
  • Hyena Stomp (declicked) (BVE-38627)
  • Jungle Blues (declicked) (BVE-38630)
  • Kansas City Stomps (declicked) (BVE-45620)
  • London Blues (declicked)
  • Midnight Mama (declicked) (BVE-37238)
  • Mr. Jelly Lord (declicked) (BVE-38664)
  • Muddy Waters (declicked)
  • New Orleans Bump (declicked)
  • Original Jelly Roll Blues (declicked) (BVE-37256)
  • Pretty Lil (declicked)
  • Red Hot Pepper (declicked) (BVE-48434)
  • Shoe Shiner's Drag (declicked) (BVE-45621)
  • Sidewalk Blues (declicked) (BVE-36283)
  • Shreveport (declicked) (BVE-45623)
  • Steamboat Stomp (declicked) (BVE-36285)
  • Sweet Aneta Mine (declicked)
  • Sweetheart O' Mine (E 2866) flac listen
  • Tank Town Bump (declicked)
  • The Pearls (declicked) (BVE-38662)
  • Try Me Out (declicked)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)

Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999): Violinkonzert Nr. 3 G-Dur (KV 216) (2LA.773-778)

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