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various phonograph cylinders

Cylinder records with images and sound files in RAKO containers.

Cylinder brands

  • CC: Clarion cylinders
  • CCC: Columbia Concert cylinders
  • CIC: Columbia Indestructible cylinders
  • EBAC: Edison Blue Amberol cylinders (indestructible)
  • EBC: Edison Bell cylinders
  • EBGMC: Edison Bell Gold-Moulded cylinders
  • EBWC: Edison brown wax cylinders
  • EGMC: Edison Gold-Moulded cylinders
  • EPGMC: Electric Record cylinders (gold-moulded)
  • ETFC: Edison Tinfoil cylinders
  • EWAC: Edison Wax Amberol cylinders
  • GMLC: Grand Magasins du Louvre cylinders
  • IRC: Indestructible Record Company
  • LSIC: Lakeside Indestructible cylinders
  • OIC: Oxford cylinders (indestructible)
  • PC: Pathé cylinders
  • PSC: Pathé Salon cylinders
  • ROLC: Dr. Rosenthal's Original Language Records cylinders
  • SC: Sterling cylinders
  • USEC: U.S. Everlasting cylinders (indestructible)
  • WRGMC: White Record cylinders (gold-moulded)

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