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Grüezi. I'm Carl Flisch (Pseudo: Fuchur). My work focuses on the digitization of public domain music and the copyright investigation of 78 rpm gramophone records. Visit my uploads inside the Wikimedia Commons. I'm a member of Wikimedia Switzerland.


IG Schweizer Internetradio

The Swiss Internet Radio Association is the users association of the Swiss webcasters. I've founded the organization in 2004. Read more: here.

Swiss Foundation Public Domain

Intended as a backlash to the heated copyright debate between the webcasters and the music industry, a friend and I started in 2009 with the Public Domain Project. Today our archives includes over 50,000 78 rpm records, cylinders and discs of Edison and Pathé that we have to clean and digitize. In 2010 Wikimedia Deutschland sponsored a ELP Laser turntable. Base for the digitization work. Since December 2012, we are officially a charitable foundation. Visit our official website.