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This template used to describe a set of released records (an album in the old sense). A release set is a group of music records (audio media) that contain parts of a longer music work like an opera. Pages using this template group each of this separate audio media parts together.

{{Audio release set
|Title link=
|Catalogue number=
|Order number=
|Content= Comma separated list of audio medium pages 
|Cover artist= {{Smw cover artist |Name= |Year Born= |Year Died= |Wikilink= Link to a wiki page, wiki category or a interwiki link }}

Mandatory informations are:

  • Title
  • One Image
  • The Label which released this record (should be printed on the release set)
  • The catalogue number (should be printed on the release set)
  • The date this release set was published the first time

See also: Template:Archived item, Template:Audio record, Template:Audio track, Template:Digitized audio track

The best method is to use the Form:Release_set and check an existing article for the correct spelling to write a new article.

Cat. no.
1st release date