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Audio file

Title/Work My Jesus, I Love Thee
Author(s)/Composer(s) Adoniram Judson Gordon (1836-1895)

High resolution audio (Flac) FLAC
Compressed audio (Ogg Vorbis) FLAC · Ogg (Commons)
Genre(s) Vocal music
Content Male vocal solo, with orchestra
Description VICTOR
Lyricist(s) William Ralph Featherstone (1846-1873)
Music arranger(s) none
Conductor(s) none
Performer(s) Frederic C. Freemantel (* 19th century) with orchestra
Vocal range -
Label Victor Records
Cat. no. 16007-B
Order number B-4916
Matrix/StamperID none
Place of recording Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States)
1st recording date 8 November 1908
Coupling date 1908
Cutout date -
The date "-" was not understood.
1st release date November 1908
PD CH 1 January 1966
PD EU 1 January 1979
PD USA 1 January 1966
PD INT 1 January 1996

Storage medium information

Image Victor-5868-b11333.jpg
Label Victor Records
Manufactor Victor Talking Machine Company
Storage medium 78 rpm record (double sided, 10-inch)
Material Shellac based compound
Time duration 3-minutes
Recording format Standard: 96 tpi; Hit-of-the-week records: 160 tpi
Rotation speed 78 rpm
Launch 1901
Production stop 1948 (mass production)
Additional info Shellac 78s must be handled carefully
Description WIKIPEDIA
Media archives Deutsch: Verfügbare Schellackplatten (25 cm)
English: Available 78 rpm 10" records
Media pool Available recordings


Public domain This work is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

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